About Me

Dre Makhail – a young artist that utilizes multimedia as its canvas.

I am a storyteller. Being an artist, traditional and digital media has allowed me to express my vision with others, by sharing personal and relatable experiences. Capturing moments and sharing them with friends and family is what motivates me; having the ability to capture someone in the act of good, or just simply posing. The art of beauty comes in many shapes and forms, and I intend to be the main source to find it within others through the lenses of my camera.

I am highly skilled in the traditional forms of post-production such as:

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Premiere Pro

As a Media Communications student, I am flexible to work both collaboratively and independently. As of May of 2018, I will graduate with my Diploma as well as a Media Foundation certificate and head towards a future of multimedia production.